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Why quartz countertops are in high demand

If you've been looking at countertop options for a short minute, you've mostly likely seen a lot of quartz. Though quartz can hit your budget more than some granites, it is something to consider.


Natural stones have pores and the porosity welcomes microbes and stains. This is why it is highly recommended to seal natural stone countertops. Which leads into our next point..


Because man-made quartz does not have pores, it does not need to be sealed. No trying to remember the last time you sealed, purchasing more sealant and planning a day for a household maintenance project. You can spill something and not worry about it staining before you can reach for the paper towel. Rest assured that your quartz countertop is a low-maintenance and less worry product that will last for years.


Quartz countertops are hard. It is as hard or sometimes harder than granite. So it's safe to say it could withstand the natural wear and tear that happens in a busy kitchen.


Quartz has the upper hand when it comes to solid colors. If granite comes off a little too busy for you, quartz colors have many options of a minimalistic-simple look with a hardy surface. You can check out the links to our quartz colors on this page.


We've talked about how hardy engineered quartz is, but it isn't indestructible. High heat can damage quartz. We strongly recommend not placing hot pots or pans directly on the quartz without a barrier.

If you have any questions regarding quartz, we would love to hear from you. Email us at or call 321-231-2445.

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