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Kitchen & Bath Plus Countertops

A counter top brings a kitchen together and is an essential part of a bathroom.  Lifestyle, budget and taste can guide you to either quartz, granite, marble, cement, butcher block or other options.  This is where you don't need to worry - our knowledge can help lead you to the right material and our design and experience can help you select the color.  

There are a few dividing factors between quartz and granite.  Here's a few helpful snip-bits for you!  Granite will always have the upper game when it comes to exotic and unique patterns.  Quartz has the win for a non-porous, no maintenance material.  A level one granite starts at a lower price than a level one quartz.  Both quartz and granite are great options for your kitchen or bathroom countertop!  You may make an appointment to visit our Longwood, Fl Design Studio, visit the websites listed below to see colors or view slabs at a local fabricator yard.  Ask a Kitchen & Bath Plus designer today!

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Think about how you use your countertop.  Will you use it for a lot of food prep directly on the surface?  If yes, this may help you rule out granite since it is porous.  What type of sink are you looking for?  An undermount sink will not work for a laminate top.  If you are looking for a backsplash made out of the counter material, take the extra material cost into consideration.  


Granite - Comes in a wide variety of colors and price range.

Pros - durable surface   Cons - must be sealed

Marble - Natural stone with fewer colors.  Great surface for baking and making pasta.  

Pros - unique natural patterns   Cons - susceptible to knife scars and acidic foods, needs repeated sealing

Soapstone - natural stone comes in less colors

Pros - non-porous    Cons - susceptible to knife scars

Quartz - man-made material consisting of mostly quartz

Pros - Durable, low maintenance, lots of colors    Cons - Price


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