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On Trend White Oak Cabinetry

You are here because you may be on the hunt for some white oak cabinetry. Maybe you love the look as much as we do!

We currently have two cabinetry lines that offer quarter sawn white oak. Both Customer Wood Products and Dura Supreme carry this in beautifully constructed kitchen, bathroom and furniture cabinetry.

We have the option of framed, inset and frameless cabinetry build styles.

Quarter sawn white oak cabinetry keeps in line with a light look, but brings the natural wood aspect into a room. We have seen it mixed with painted cabinetry, white cabinets and floating shelves. This allows you to warm up a room, especially if you want white cabinetry but not entirely white. With a well done design, the white oak cabinetry is here to stay as a classic look.


Oak wood is one of the hardest woods available for cabinetry. Widely remembered as the red or golden oak cabinetry of the 1980's, white oak is making it's appearance for a versatility in color.

Grain patterns

The quarter sawn or rift cut changes the patterns in the wood to a straight grain instead of arched. This gives a more simple and updated look.

Color options

The base color of the white oak lends itself to a more neutral color rather than the other oaks that go towards a red, orange or yellow look. This option gives a great ability to combine flooring, countertop and backsplash tile to make a completed and updated look.

An answer to all white kitchens

The neutral color that white oak cabinets bring gives a wide versatility to kitchen design. Take some of your planned white cabinetry in your kitchen and replace with white oak, to make a combination. This gives you a warm tone in your kitchen but keep with the white painted cabinetry as well.


Incorporate contrasting selections in your kitchen

Bring in contrasting colors with hardware, flooring or countertops. Since white oak can be such a neutral element, it allows you to play with the other selections to bring in style and pops of color.

Contact our designers to learn more about the white oak cabinetry we offer at Kitchen & Bath Plus.

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