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Save money on your kitchen remodel

Going into a remodel project, money and resources will be one of the first things to address. Do we have enough money to do what we want to do? What are some areas that we can save money? What are necessities vs. wants? What is the most important thing? What product do we want to spend most of our money on?

Let's address a few ways you could save some money on your remodel.

Kitchen remodel Kitchen & Bath Plus

Sell your old cabinets or appliances

You'd be surprised who might buy your old oven or old builder grade oak cabinets. Take some pictures and post on Facebook Marketplace. For big projects, even a few hundred dollars helps, so sell every bit you can!

Do your own demolition and disposal work

If you have a remodel company or contractor working on your job, you can ask them how much you would save if you did your own demo. When customers want to have some part in the work on the job, this is often the easiest way for them to save on labor vs. doing their own cabinet installation.

Get stock RTA cabinets

Custom cabinets increase the cabinet cost significantly. Search for in stock RTA cabinets which often come with great options for pull outs and useful storage elements, without the cost of custom.

Use an experienced contractor

A contractor with years of kitchen remodel experience under their belt will know exactly what is needed costs vs. something that won't count in the end product. They will often have great suggestions since they have probably seen the same kitchen layout time and time again.

A kitchen remodel costs money, there's no way around it but with a few tips, you can make the best use of your money for an investment that will stand for years to come. You'll be enjoying your new space soon enough!

Since we are discussing money and remodel, lets take a moment to acknowledge the lovely remodel budget planning. Budget planning for your remodel is necessary. Remodels range from just replacing some cosmetic things like cabinets and countertops, all the way to changing the floor plan and tearing down walls, therefore, the recommended budget starting point ranges widely for a kitchen remodel. For a simple cabinet and countertop changeout, it would be reasonable to aim for $12k - $15k. If you're looking at go big or go home, consider $25k - $32k as a base budget idea. Talking with a professional and getting an estimate will help you narrow in on what your kitchen remodel cost would be. But hopefully ou find this information helpful to get you started!

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