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Remodel amongst Covid-19 and 2020

When the Covid-19 epidemic hit the world, many communities, businesses and groups began to adjust and strategize how to properly deal with the epidemic and stay afloat in a troublesome time. Surprisingly, the remodeling business community, while taking some hits, has been busy. This could be due to the rising number of people staying in their homes for longer period of time and deciding to go ahead and start that remodel they've been talking about for a long time. Here's a look at a few things that have played roles in our small remodel business in Central Florida.

Real Estate

In the world of real estate, at least for Central Florida, has been booming. The low inventory of houses on the market combined with the low interest rates offered for loans has given both buyers and sellers an advantage of stepping into the market. This has also caused a rise in the home remodel industry, whether home owners doing projects before they sell, or buyers now remodeling a home they purchased that hasn't been touched in years.

Adjustments local businesses have made

The availability of PPE for the local businesses has provided for protection for remodelers and homeowners alike, while still being able to conduct business and get that to-do list done during an opportune time. With appropriate guidelines in place, essential businesses and later more businesses have been able to provide services while making adjustments such as virtual meetings, appointment-only visits to showrooms and on-site sanitization steps. This is not to say that businesses have not been negatively effected by the local effects of Covid-19 and shut downs, but there have been some unexpected ways to adapt and even take creative steps forward in business practices, derived from an essential need and now seen as bringing some benefits to efficiency that was not there before.

The return to home

More and more families have found the benefits to making a home that is not only functional for school and work, but also for the family being together and getting that stay-cation feel in. With that being said, home owners are looking again at their kitchens, bathrooms, living space and back yards to see how they can best suit it for their way of life. This is where thoughtful design and quality products come in to help create the intentional space the home owner is looking for. At Kitchen & Bath Plus, we focus on kitchens, bathrooms and out door cooking, to make the most of your space.

Inventory challenges

In the remodel industry, we have seen some inventory challenges when it comes to appliances and some specialty products. We encourage home owners to plan ahead and not wait to purchase their appliances or tile. As always, wait until your products are in, cabinets, countertop material, tile, appliances, tub, whatever it is.. before you start to demo your existing kitchen or bathroom! At Kitchen & Bath Plus, we have seen delays on cabinetry and quartz, so we have not only communicated that to our customers but began to purchase further ahead so our projects are not delayed!


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