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Kitchen Accessories You Must Have

The accessories and storage solutions in your remodeled kitchen can make all the difference when it comes to functionality.

1. Adjustable soft close pull-out shelves. The shelves give you easy full access to the full storage of your space. Since the shelves are adjustable, you can place items of different heights on the shelves and customize it just for you.

2. Utensil storage. This soft-close utensil storage is useful to keep your countertops uncluttered. We usually place this around your range or cooktop for easy access.

3. Spice storage pull-out. Another great option for storing spices is this soft-close pull-out in the base cabinets. We like this because you can easily see all of the labels and spices without digging into a cabinet.

4. Pull-out pantry shelves. These make accessing the back of your pantry much easier. We offer these in adjustable height, so you can work with both tall and short items in your pantry and make the most of your space.

5. Blind corner storage pull-out. In some kitchen layouts, we can't get away from the cabinet that is tucked into the corner. Thankfully, we have some options for pull-outs so you are not digging back in the corner. Here's one of our favorites!

6. Plasticware or pots and pans storage. Organization is key when planning your cabinetry and what will be stored inside. Adjustable storage for plastic containers and pots and pans is a great option for making sure you have both beauty and functionality in your kitchen!

7. Kitchen sink workstation racks and cutting boards. Save space and increase function with a sink that offers a built in workstation. The ledge gives you the option to have a cutting board or drying wrack over half of the sink while leaving the other half functional. This saves counter space and also gets you closer to the disposal when chopping veggies!

These are just a few of the accessories we offer our clients. After a walk-thru and consultation with our clients, we find out what their personal needs are and make suggestions base on what will be the answer to their needs and desires. If you would like to talk about options for you, give us a call at 321-231-2445.

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