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DIY Kitchen Pull-out trash during Covid-19

During the Covid-19 quarantine, you might be looking at your kitchen and wondering what simple and affordable updates you could make. Our Kitchen & Bath Plus team has a very helpful tip that you might not know you could do right now!

Do you currently have a standing trash can in your kitchen? If yes, you might be dreaming of the day you can have a pull-out trash can. Am I right? Okay, well let's take a look at your kitchen because you just might be able to make that change now.

You will want to look at your base cabinets and find a cabinet that is 18" wide (it could be 21" if you don't mind a little more space in the cabinet) when you measure the front from the left side of the frame to the right side. The cabinet should not be a drawer based, but one with a door. Did you find one? If yes, great! Now you are ready to shop for your trash can pull-out system.

And there you have it! If you have the right cabinet size, purchase the pull out system and have a drill handy, you'll be ready to install your own pull out system.

If you are in the Orlando, FL area and would like to look at our cabinetry or talk to a designer, we would love to talk to you - give us a call at 321-231-2445 or email us at

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