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Covid-19 and virtual estimates for 2020

There are many unanswered questions regarding Covid-19 and it's effects around the community. As we press on as Americans and come together as a community and families, we want to provide a safe way to keep moving forward in 2020 towards our goals and home projects.

Virtual Estimates

We will be offering estimates based off a virtual design consultation and measurement. This is a great way to work on some details with a designer on your upcoming project and keep comfortable and safe in your home. Here, we will be leaning into video consultation and the digital applications for design, planning and quoting. Call us at 321-231-2445 for more information or email

Available Materials

An unknown is how the cabinet and materials industry will be effected in the short term and long term. As of right now, we have access to our materials and can carry out our work as planned. We recommend if you are preparing to confirm your cabinet order, you do so soon, as we can know it will be in production and head of any possible material or labor lack possibly coming at a future date.

We will continue to move together as a community to face Covid-19 and it's effects. Orlando Strong.

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