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5 Kitchen upgrades that are worth it

Kitchen remodels can be costly, so a big question is how best to invest your money as you plan your remodel. Through our experience, we have a few suggestions for you.

Tile backsplash

A great way to bring color, texture and a finished look to a kitchen remodel without a high-end cost. A backsplash is much easier and less costly to change out in future years than a countertop or cabinetry. Take advantage of companies that will ship tile samples to you. Collect a few of your favorites and narrow your selection from there.

Counter-depth refrigerator

Depending on the placement of your refrigerator in your kitchen, you may find a counter-depth refrigerator worth the investment. This significantly changes how much your refrigerator comes out past the cabinetry and countertop next to it. If you have a tight space in a corner or around an island, we highly recommend a counter-depth refrigerator. Don't worry - if you have already remodeled and you are looking to make a few upgrades, the counter-depth refrigerators come in the same standard widths as

Pull-out storage options

Who wants to remodel a kitchen and have a trash can setting on it's own? Consider using a cabinet near your sink and dishwasher as a trash-can pull out. There are several other ways you can add efficient pull-out storage to your cabinetry. There are options for pull-out shelves, spice storage, utensil/knife storage and pull-down racks in wall cabinets. It is all about using the full space that you have and making the items come to you, instead of leaning into cabinetry. We help you find the best ways to make your kitchen work for you and not against you!

If you are remodeling but not changing your cabinetry, you can modify an existing cabinet to have a trash can pull-out. The standard size is an 18" wide base cabinet but you can go to a 15" base or a larger base to do this as well. Search online for the hardware, confirm your clearance and plan for your installation.

Cabinet hardware

The hardware on cabinetry is the jewelry. It is an essential finishing piece that not only helps protect your finish of your cabinetry but completes the look. Both functional and viewable, we recommend to select hardware that you will love for years to come. There are some great brands like Amerock or Top Knobs that we work with. When you find a style you like, you can often find several different sizes and knob selections within that style. As you select the pull sizes, keep the proportions in mind of your doors and drawers. We recommend to limit your sizes to no more than 3 different pull widths.

We want to note that you do not need to match the finish with the rest of your kitchen appliances or faucet.


A well-lit space is essential to a kitchen remodel. There are modern updates like LED recessed lighting that can be switched out or added. A good lighting plan will help you make sure to accomplish dispersing the light and making sure there is no dark space in your newly remodeled kitchen. Consider under cabinet lighting, also available in LED strips. We have also installed up-lighting in kitchens, depending on the size and layout of your space.

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