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Kitchen Remodel Cost

The number one question that is on everyone's mind when looking at a kitchen remodel is "How much is this going to cost me?"

Sure, we look at the Pinterest and Instagram pictures, thinking up a dream kitchen, trying to be realistic that we won't have top of the line highlights. But when rubber meets the road, if you're just going for a general remodel, what are going to be the biggest costs? How do you know when you are being over charged?

Let's break it down below...

Your largest cost will be cabinets, countertops and appliances. This will easily take up more than 50% of your remodel budget and could take up to 70% depending on the products you select.

The runner up for your kitchen remodel cost is labor. There's quite a bit of work that goes into a professional demo and installation. Some customers choose to do their own demo which can help cut some costs. Often times, companies providing the cabinets will be more likely to guarantee their product when there is a professional installation. Though this will cost more money in the beginning, if there is ever an issue that arises with the cabinets, it is a relief to call the company and not worry about it as a homeowner.

You can expect a small alley or small L-shaped kitchen will likely begin at $9,500 and up. This would include no layout changes, stock cabinets, demo, disposal, delivery, installation and a level 1 granite countertop with a standard stainless steel undermount sink. If you are including opening walls, tearing down soffit or raising a dropped ceiling, that will definitely increase your budget but is a very wise and worth-while investment.

A larger kitchen remodel would begin at $24,000 with cabinets, demo, disposal, delivery, installation and base to mid level quartz or granite countertop and a stainless steel undermount sink. Same as above, if you are including some major remodeling such as removing walls or an extensive flooring change these would be additional costs to the budget.

Most homeowners spend between $12,000 - $35,000 for a kitchen remodel. As you can see, that is a wide range depending on the size, cabinet type, construction needs, etc. Be sure to look for an established kitchen remodeling company with their own team of installers.

Pro Tip - If your hope might possibly have asbestos, go ahead and get the testing kit now and send it off - it will make a difference in the estimates you get and your time-frame. It is great information to have at the time of requesting estimates and your contractors will love you for it!

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