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Choose the right cabinet hardware

Selecting your cabinet hardware can feel like an overwhelming process given the wide selection and styles available. We can guide you through a process of narrowing your selection down and make it a bit easier on you!

Guiding factors:

- If you have frameless or framed cabinets.

- Appliance, sink and faucet finish.

- Square or curved lines in your design

- Comfort and ease of use

1. If you would like to use both knobs and pulls, consider knobs for doors and pulls for drawers and large doors such as the pantry door. It is easier to pull larger and possibly heavier items (drawers holding weight) with a pull that will receive your whole hand.

2. If you are remodeling, select your hardware after you have selected your larger items in the kitchen. Looking at the sink, faucet, cabinet doors, lights, etc., do you see curved lines or straight lines? This will help you narrow down your cabinet hardware. For example, if your kitchen is very modern with flat surfaces and straight lines, you will do best with a straight bar for a cabinet pull rather than a curved one.

3. You don't have go to matchy matchy. Your hardware can be a different finish than your sink or faucet as long as they compliment each other. Don't let different finishes trip you up when you are looking at your options! Keep an open mind.

4. Select something that is aesthetically pleasing as well as nice to the touch. You will be looking at and touching your cabinet hardware all day long! Get something you love.

5. Do not plan on your hardware being the main highlight of your kitchen or bathroom, but rather a piece of jewelry that compliments the overall look.

And there you have it! Hopefully these questions help you narrow down your list of possibilities.

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