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5 tips to a great kitchen remodel

Every home remodel has it's own surprises in store, timeline changes and challenges. Here's five tips for you to be best prepared before and during your kitchen remodel.

Triple check measurements of appliances.

An easy detail to miss when remodeling your kitchen is the cabinet allowance for appliances. Not all appliances, even if they are appear to be, are the same size. A simple miss measurement of a 1/4" could mean the difference of your appliance sliding straight into spot vs not fitting at all. We recommend to find the exact Model # of your appliance and take the measurements from the specifications.

Set up a temporary kitchen and washing station.

Plan ahead for your kitchen to be out of commission for a number of weeks during your remodel. Not having the normal sink, counterspace and cooking methods available will get old quickly and you'll be wanting that kitchen back together ASAP so you don't go out of your mind! Set up a temporary space that you can use to prep food like sandwiches, salads or crockpot meals as well as dish up plates. You'll also want to plan the best spot to wash dishes (stock up on those paper plates!) which most people do the bathroom sink/tub or if you are lucky maybe you have a laundry sink!

Collect plastic bins for storage.

You will have to empty all of your cabinets in your kitchen and it can be a surprise all that is stuffed in there! Some things you might be able to put away in a cardboard box. Other items, you will need handy. We recommend using some clear plastic bins to store you items. You'll be able to stack it, use the top of the bin as a workspace and see exactly what is inside.

Plan for appliance storage in kitchen design.

You know that feeling when you try to put an item on a cabinet shelf and it just. won't. fit. cause it is too tall. Same for appliances that won't fit either on the counter, take up too much space on counter and we try to fit it in a cabinet to no success. That InstantPot if you have one... so hard to fit in a space! Well, there's cabinet options you can consider that will fit your appliances perfectly and make your kitchen function at tip top shape! Check it out and plan ahead.

Be prepared for plumbing costs.

Plumbing can have unexpected costs once you open a wall or look to connect a new appliance to an old plumbing hookup. Plan a bit extra in your plumbing budget just in case.

If you are in the Orlando area and would like to find out more about us, please feel free to look at more of our website, make an appointment online or call us at 321-231-2445.

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