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Top 5 Kitchen & Bath Trends in 2019

We're going into 2019 with a strong tap on the trends in kitchen and bath remodeling. Let's talk the top 5 trends. We would love to hear your favorite!

Photo: Katherine Kwong

Backsplash shelves

You will see fewer kitchens with upper cabinets. Instead, you will see statement backsplashes, probably stone, with a narrow ledge or shelf. Keep items on the ledge minimal. Such as a frame, coffee mug, small bowl of salt, etc.

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Dark matte appliances (black stainless steel)

We've seen black matte on cars, candlesticks, coffee mugs and now kitchen appliances. The glossy black panels associated with class and elegance are now looked as overdone and tacky, being replaced with what resembles sleek modern supercars. Goodbye fingerprints and easily seen dirt! We're welcoming this trend with open arms.

Handleless cabinets

If you are looking for a modern kitchen design, the best cabinet hardware you can get is... non at all. This is one of the top trends for 2019. The doors and drawers have notches that run along either the top or bottom that are not seen but makes it easy to open.

Copper and gold accents

After selections of cabinets, countertops, flooring and backsplash are chosen, the smaller accent pieces are left. Copper and gold accents have been an option for quite a while but we are seeing a rise in popularity. It is a perfect pop of metalic color when used for hardware, faucets and even pendant lights. Actually, while it might seem a bit much when held alone, paired with dark color cabinets or lighter colored countertops. It looks quite amazing. If you are in the process of your kitchen or bathroom design, play around with some sample colors and see what you think. You might just fall in love.

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It's coming back! Or entering the home that is. Terazzo flooring is known to be in hospitals and schools of past. Now, you will start to see it entering the residential realm as flooring and accents. Being composed of various materials, such as pieces of marble, quartz and granite, the color combinations are infinite. A possible luxurious look.

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