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How to : Modern Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse has been a trend for several years now. It takes the best parts of rustic, modern and a pinch of industrial and blends it together to make its own cozy modern twist. Consider these tips as you plan your kitchen!

Mix Colors and Textures

To perfect your Modern Farmhouse look, mix your colors of white and natural wood with dark colors like grey or black. Add in highlights of rustic wood textures with cool metals and soft whites. Consider mixing new modern items with old or vintage rustic finds. Aged brick would add a warm tone and texture. Pop in black farm doors or black painted built-ins. Wood beams, wood floors or butcher block tops.

Simple Cabinet Doors

Keep it simple with shaker or flat panel cabinet doors. Not only are they easier to clean, but they are also the go to when it comes to a modern farmhouse style.

Counter tops

Stay light and white with a quartz top or go add in that natural rustic with a butcher block top. The key is to not draw attention to the counter top as it would not be the focal point of the kitchen (but truth is, the butcher block would definitely get some admiring!). Again, keep it simple here!

Barn Door

A modern barn door, whether useful or just for decor, would be a great finish to your look. You can do this with sliding doors next to your door way. Use the typical barn door style but with white wood and sleek black handles.

Subway tile black splash

A staple in the modern farmhouse look, white subway tile back splash adds a bit of history as well as the fact that it so easily goes with many styles. Using a darker grout will take it in a modern or industrial direction.

Farm Table

Consider a farm table as a kitchen island. You may need this custom made to have the height you need for chopping up those veggies but this would be a unique addition to your Modern Farmhouse design.

The options are endless and select to your home but these tips may help you along the way!

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