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French Country Kitchen

IMG_6164 (1).JPG

Cabinets:  WF Cabinetry

Countertop:  Noble Desiree Grey

Hardware:  Brass pulls and cup pulls

Backsplash:  Natural stone from The Tile Shop

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Before photos


Why our customer wanted to remodel:

Our customer had their kitchen remodeled by a different company several years prior, but to their disappointment, there were some details not thought about, such as a drawer having the space to open by the oven.  They were looking for a remodel that would further update their kitchen, refresh the space yet keep the same floor plan.


The breakfast table you see by the bay window was the inspiration for the kitchen remodel.  With a french country look and dark blue with light blue, we created a two-toned painted cabinetry to match, a custom built hutch and brought in brass tones and natural stone texture.  

A few things we did:

- The soffits were removed to allow for 39" tall cabinetry with the wall height.  

- We installed new tile flooring in a light grey hexagon.  

- The overall kitchen floor plan stayed the same.  We removed the drywall pantry to install a full pantry cabinet, increasing storage   

    space and efficiency. 

- A double trash pull-out was added as well as a pull-out shelf under the kitchen sink.  

- We refreshed the old skylight, taking off the inside filter, touch up the drywall and paint to make for a nice open skylight.

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